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About this site

After a site I manage got hit by Panda 2.2 I stared spreadsheet to track all the Panda updates, sometimes it became a pain hopping from blog to blog to get the info. When Penguin dropped it seemed highly probable that there would be more versions so I thought I would do similar but share it online. Also I haven't been very proactive on the blogging/sharing scene, while benefiting from others so a bit of giving back.

Who knows how this will pan out but I hope to develop this as a useful resource for digital marketers and SEO's as a one stop shop to get the info they need to make better sites that don't trigger google penalties. And if they do how best deal with it.

If I have made any false statments or got anything wrong I'd be happy to be corrected, the aim is to only post facts - or as close as one can ascertain. Saying that if you have good analysis I'd be happy to share your conclusions in the resources area.

About me

Currently employed as Head of SEO for International for a relativly well known media company in London UK. I built my first site in 1999 before google was known and other search engines were total crap (in 2002 I remember arguing with a Cambridge computer science graduate friend who thought altavista was the best search engine - he hadn't heard of google at that point). So I'm a bit old school in that I'm used to relying on building a good product that people naturally share. However I try to keep up to date with google, international search engines, social media and other discovery mechanisms.

You can find me on Twitter, google+ and Pinterest.


The layout was based on a single page html5 template from Web Designer Aid although it's pretty much been rewritten. Also huge thanks to Jim Miller of http://www.thinkofmedia.com/ for the cute Penguin logo.

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the content on this site is correct. Any implementations of tips published on Penguin Update is done so at the readers own risk.